Philadelphia Immigration Criminal Charges

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If you are facing criminal charges as an immigrant, it is imperative that you understand the implications and consequences of such charges — and potential convictions — on your immigration status. As immigration inches further into the spotlight of national attention, numerous measures are being taken by the government to uproot alleged illegal aliens. Furthermore, the government has begun to pursue federal offenses of identity theft, Social Security fraud, and document fraud, and the penalties for conviction are harsh.

Criminal charges that could affect your immigration status may include:

  • Drug Offenses
  • Domestic Violence
  • DUIs
  • Theft Offenses
  • Assaults
  • And many more.

If you are in a situation of this nature, we strongly urge you to contact our Philadelphia immigration attorney at the Law Office of Matthew Archambeault as soon as possible. We strive to provide all clients with the highest quality legal defense through a compassionate, personalized, and informed approach to every criminal case we take involving immigration.

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Why Hire a Philadelphia Immigration Lawyer?

The first course of action is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney as soon as you can. Having an attorney involved early in your case is an important first step in helping you receive an effective and fair defense. Our team has worked in immigration law for more than 10 years, all the while providing sensitive, firm, and creative approaches to complex legal matters.

If you are facing criminal charges, we take the time to review and firmly grasp every detail of your case. We understand the overwhelming and unsettling feeling that a legal matter of this nature can cause. This is why we actively involve each client by walking them through the legal process and empowering them with the knowledge and advice to understand their human rights.

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