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Losing a case in immigration court can be a detrimental consequence for you and your loved ones that can end in deportation amongst other unfavorable outcomes. However, the Law Office of Matthew Archambeault wants to help you by reviewing your case and forming an appeal that gives you a strengthened chance of overturning the initial ruling and upholds your human rights. We achieve this by taking the time to understand the circumstances of your case in order to form a creative and strategic appeal that presents your case to the judge in a different light. Get the legal service that you deserve.

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How Does the Process Work?

In the event that you lose a case in immigration court, you must immediately file a Notice of Appeal, followed by a written appeal several months later. This is a crucial period of time in which information, perspectives, and arguments must be accumulated in order to form an effective appeal. As such, it is critical to have an attorney who can work thoroughly and with attention to detail. Our Philadelphia immigration attorney at the Law Office of Matthew Archambeault offers these very services, as well as the compassion and kindness that all of our clients receive. We take the time to understand your situation and provide a number of options for your current appeal as well as higher appeals.

Important questions to ask regarding your case include:

  • Was essential evidence overlooked?
  • Was testimony properly considered?
  • Was the court unfair in its procedure with your case?

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Our team at the Law Office of Matthew Archambeault is prepared to ask all of these questions and more. As evidenced by our membership in the American Immigration Lawyers Association, we know how the various laws of immigration can work against you. However, we also know the best ways to handle an appeal in order to help you reach a favorable resolution. Whether you are in Philadelphia, New Jersey, or Delaware, let us help you.

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